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The walls had begun to close in on Sarah just like the prison-cage that Beth felt compelled to jump out of as she hurdled her body before that train. Vic wanted in on whatever scam Sarah was running; and Paul just wanted to know what the hell was going on — especially after he found Allison passed out on the couch.

Clone-club had suddenly become a little to crowed and visible — and the secret was getting harder to contain. Paul had been protecting Sarah since he first began to suspect that she was not Beth.

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Paul had even proposed that they leave the country together even before he found out that she was not Beth. Alas, for poor Vic, this was not just another con that Sarah had set up and Paul was not the kind of person to try to negotiate with. Fortunately, Paul had second thoughts about drugging Sarah and pulled out the untainted booze instead.

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Yet he continues to help Sarah in her charade. But why?

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What is in it for him? And for newbies this must be scarry to watch. Sorry, good people code in Vue, good p ople code in react, bad people code in Vue, bad people code in react. We're all different.

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Hundreds of thousands sometimes eclipsed by an aggressive and vocal toxic minority. The form of humour 'joke' was supposed to highlight that. He also clarified how his original tweet was supposed to paint a picture of what React would be like if it was taken over by hypermasculine conservatives. I misunderstood. There was a discussion AT this React Rally about his previous behaviour.

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I was wrong, and have done my best to clarify, and have now deleted that tweet. This conversation then developed into a wider argument about how toxicity is enabled and allowed in the React community — and, indeed, other tech communities as well. The crucial point that many will have to reckon with is what behaviors people allow and overlook.

The talk was a powerful statement on how systems can be built in ways that can either reinforce power or challenge it. This only added an extra layer of toxicity to the furore that has been engulfing the React community. Do White Supremacists exist in other frameworks? She says that even after bringing this issue multiple times, she has been consistently ignored.

White supremacy might as well be an opiate—some people take it without ever knowing, others microdose it to get ahead. She has since decided to quit the tech industry following these developments.

Web designer Tatiana Mac quits the tech industry following the React controversy

Mac has described in detail the emotional and financial toll the situation is having on her. She has said she is committed to all contracts through to , but also revealed that she may need to sell belongings to support herself.

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This highlights the potential cost involved in challenging the status quo. To provide clarity on what has happened, Tatiana approached her friend, designer Carlos Eriksson, who put together a timeline of the Reactgate controversy. They have now rejoined. After he deactivated, Abramov talked about his disappearance from Twitter on Reddit :.

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Deactivating is a barrier to logging in that I needed. I plan to be back soon. Abramov returned to Twitter on August He apologized for his sudden disappearance.