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While this is true, clients especially in the beginning do not care. They want out of the painful situation in which they find themselves. If you can demonstrate that you understand their pain and offer a believable solution, you will be hired.

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This is why many successful life coaches and other businesses regularly demonstrate their understanding of problems. When the right person reads these kinds of articles, they see themselves in them. This is often a profound experience. They are reading an article from someone who understands what they are going through! They know you get it.

This is the first step toward connecting with someone who will become your coaching client. A critical step in your sales and marketing plan is to create custom coaching packages that offer solutions to the specific problems your ideal clients are struggling with. At the iNLP Center, we help our students to identify the main problem they want to solve with their clients, and to then create tailored coaching programs to address those needs.

In this way, you let prospective clients know when they should call you and why. Your conversion of prospects into clients will skyrocket with this simple but crucial step. There are numerous and creative ways to market your new life coaching business.

You can start with free options such as social media postings, local area business listings, and word of mouth. Or perhaps you have a modest budget and can afford some online ads, or a spot in the local paper. But whatever your budget, you must market your business.

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Deciding on the specific advertising method you use will depend a lot on your budget, but also on your target niche. Similarly, posting an ad in the local community newspaper will likely not be effective if your target market is Millennials, as this age group gets their news almost exclusively from online sources and social media. It pays to do your research to determine which marketing vehicle will be most effective for your target clients.

Having an active social media presence is an effective and low-cost way to promote your services. You can create free accounts on Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social media platforms. There are many free resources you can find in a Google search for learning the best marketing practices for each social media platform, and you can also research the specific demographics for each, which allows you to target the ones that best match your niche. Be aware that social media sites do require on-going maintenance in the form of regular postings and building a base of friends or connections; posting can take quite a bit of time, but the reach can be significant.

Your best approach is to choose one or two of the most fitting platforms, and then be consistent in your message and your schedule of posting. There are some great free apps available that will help you manage postings to multiple social media platforms, which should make this option more appealing and less time-consuming. These organizations often charge an upfront membership fee, and sometimes additional fees to attend meetings, but also usually offer a few discounts and perks exclusively to their members.

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Attending these types of meetings provides you with a great opportunity to meet a variety of people you may not generally come in contact with, and to practice delivering your message. Additionally, working alone can get lonely, and these groups provide good socializing opportunities. Tip: make sure to have business cards with you if you choose this option. You will need them! You must also be consistent to get a good response, which means advertising over and over to the same group of people. Choose a package that fits your budget over the longer term.

Search engines such as Google and Bing feature this option, which can be useful if your website itself is not showing up on the first three pages of an online search. However, it can get very expensive if you want to get results. Be aware, as this method can add up quickly. This is a similar structure to print advertising in that you pay for your ad appearing on a page whether someone clicks on it or not.

The advantage with this type of online ad is that you can target the exact demographic you are interested in, which will make a big difference in how effective your ad campaign will be.

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The iNLP Center regularly consults for free with students to determine the best marketing strategies. If done right, they work! Perhaps you are feeling confident about expanding your comfort zone into the global online world. Writing for online publications guest posting and can be a great way to drum up traffic to your website and increase your worldwide reach. If you like to write and are good at it, other sites not competitors, but in a related or supporting field may agree to post your article on their site and provide a link back to your web page.

SEO includes a series of actions you can take that optimizes your website so that it shows up earlier and more often in online searches.

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There are excellent free resources and articles available that will walk you step-by-step through the basics of preparing and optimizing your website. Alternatively, there are businesses that specialize in SEO if you lack the technical know-how but have the budget. You are invited to attend weekly, with no limit on how many times you can come to get help. Most online and print business directories are useless, but we spent a year researching and using such directories, and there are three specific to life coaching that should be considered essential in your first year of business.

Fine-tuning your online newsletter and building your mailing list is critical.

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It takes time to get there, but creating an engaging newsletter and using the tips and tricks above to expand your mailing list is a must. You want to get to a point where you can simply put out the word to your email list and receive several inquiries for new clients in response. Learning how to become a life coach involves more than getting coaching skills. I hope you feel confident that I have been candid about how to become a life coach and what is required to succeed.

You need a realistic and optimistic view of what lies ahead for you should you choose to pursue your dream. It may seem like a lot of work, perhaps more than you were anticipating but it does require time and patience to see results. At iNLP Center, we do all of the above. How to become a life coach?

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Yes, anyone can be a life coach. But, to be a great life coach, you must develop the skills necessary to effectively work with clients such as active listening, powerful questioning, and the ability to decipher nonverbal communication. It may be more or less depending on your coaching niche, experience, and how well you market your life coaching business.

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