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When Ruby begins she knows all the things her mother thinks and feels about her life. The fact that her mother's life is not as she had imagined it is not lost on Ruby. As she grows up she can no longer tell what her mother is thinking but she never feels like her mother loves her. She always feels like her mother and father loved her sister Gillian more than her. Then when Gillian is eleven she is killed on Christmas Eve when she is hit by a bus.

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She feels her only friend in her home is her older sister Patricia, but when Patricia has a baby and she has to put the baby up for adoption and then later runs away from home, Ruby is left alone with just her mother and father. Then when Ruby catches her father having sex with a waitress at her uncle's wedding and then he immediately has a heart attack and dies, that leaves Ruby with only her mother. Later, Mr.

Belling, her mother's new boyfriend, gets mad at her and tells her that she killed her own twin sister, Pearl. Ruby does not even remember having a twin, much less killing her. After seeing a doctor, Ruby finally remembers the day that Pearl died. Gillian had been telling Pearl to walk out on the iced over pond, and Pearl had fallen in.

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Gillian had told everyone that Ruby had pushed Pearl in by accident to keep herself out of trouble for telling her to walk on the ice in the first place. Ruby's mother had blamed Ruby for Pearl's death even though she knew it was an accident. When Ruby graduates from high school she goes to Scotland for a summer job but never returns home.

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  • By answering the sets of questions, students consider an exhibition as a whole and then focus on what they find most interesting. Wonderplace Discover Guide Extend your visit to Wegmans Wonderplace or use this guide to prepare your kids while you wait for a visit there! Museum Highlights Grades America on the Move Exhibition How has transportation influenced the way we get what we eat, helped people immigrate and migrate, or affected American businesses? Find out using these self-guides.

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    On the Water exhibition for grades 5 - 8 Explore America as a maritime nation with this self-guide. On the Water guide. Leadership for grades How can we use the objects and stories in history to inspire action in our communities? Use this guide to consider examples of leadership and active participation in public life. Entering the Museum To speed entry into the building, please ask students to carry as little as possible backpacks, bags, etc. Security checks are now required of Museum visitors, and all bags are thoroughly searched.

    Some Simple Rules To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all Museum visitors, please share these rules with your students and chaperones:.

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    Smithsonian's History Explorer is your gateway to innovative, standards-based online resources for teaching and learning American history, designed and developed by the National Museum of American History as part of Verizon's Thinkfinity. Explore the rich resources of the Museum and bring history to life with artifacts, primary sources, and online tools for the classroom, afterschool programs, and home.

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