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The standard Xoloitzcuintle should measure in between 20 to 30 inches tall and weigh in at around 25 to 40 pounds. If you are considering bringing one of these non-shedding dogs in to your home there are a number of things that you should consider. Aside from the truly hairless breeds, there are also a number of dog breeds that are said to be significantly less allergenic than most canines.

This smooth coated athletic dog has small erect ears and has a tail that curls up and over to one side. The Basenji coat is short and fine and comes in a variety of colors including red, black, copper, tricolor and chestnut red. Basenjis are known for the fact that they do not bark, rather they yodel. The Basenji tends to grow to between 15 and 17 inches tall and can weigh in between 20 to 26 pounds. The Bedlington terrier is known for its unique shape in that it more resembles a lamb than it does a dog.

The coat of the Bedlington terrier is known for being a thick double coat that has both soft and hard hair. The Bedlington generally grows to between 16 and 17 inches tall and weighs in at between 18 and 23 pounds. The Brussels griffon is a toy dog that is often likened to the Ewok in appearance due to its moustache that hangs from its short muzzle.

The Brussels griffon can have a rough or a smooth coat that can be found in the following color varieties: red, red-brown and black, black and tan and completely black. This particular light shedder makes a good companion dog; however, they can be difficult to train and can easily develop small dog syndrome. The Brussels griffon grow to between seven and eight inches high and weigh anywhere from six to twelve pounds. The average life expectancy of this small dog is around twelve to fifteen years. The Dandie Dinmont terrier is not one of the most well known dog breeds but they are light shedders.

These dogs are recognized for being long dogs with deep muzzles and low hanging pendant shaped ears. The Dandie Dinmont terrier grows to between eight and eleven inches tall and weighs between eighteen and twenty four pounds. The average life expectancy of this dog breed is around twelve to fifteen years. The Havanese is a dog breed commonly recommended for those with allergies; however, it should be noted that this is a lightly shedding breed rather than a non-shedding breed.

The Havanese has a long coat that can be wavy, curly or corded and it also features long and silky hair on the eyes and tail. This small dog does have a double coat that can grow to as long as eight inches long. The Havanese can come in a number of color varieties including: gold, cream, white, chocolate, silver, blue, black, parti-color and tricolor. The Havanese is very intelligent and easy to train but can be hard headed at times. This breed can grow to between eight and eleven inches tall and can weigh in between seven and thirteen pounds.

The average life expectancy of this dog breed is around fourteen to fifteen years. The Irish terrier is also known as the Irish red terrier and is a long and medium sized dog breed. This is believed to be one of the older terrier breeds that were developed to hunt and retrieve. Underneath the wiry outer coat, the Irish terrier has a softer undercoat and a beaded muzzle. It is necessary for this light shedder to have a dominant human owner because it can be a very protective dog if not put in to its place in the pack. The height of the Irish terrier is around 18 inches and the dog weighs in between 25 to 27 lbs.

This is a healthy and hardy dog breed that tends to live between 12 to 15 years. The Italian greyhound is a more delicate light shedding dog breed and should be handled with care, meaning they are most likely not the best playmates for households with young children. This small breed has particularly fine bones with long slender legs and thing bodies. The head of the Italian greyhound is long and thin and the ears fold in to the side of the head.

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These sight hounds are short haired dogs that come in a variety of colors including: grey, red, slate grey, fawn, black, blue, cream, white, black and a variety of these colors combined. Italian greyhounds are intelligent and kind dogs but they can be highly strung. The Italian greyhound can grow to twelve to fifteen inches tall and can weigh anywhere from six to ten pounds.

There are two specified weight classes of this small dog — eight pounds and under and over eight pounds. The average life expectancy of this short haired breed is between twelve and fifteen years; however, they have been known to live much longer. Get to know the Greyhound better. The Kerry blue terrier or the Irish blue terrier is a medium sized muscular dog breed that has a soft and wavy coat. The coat of the Kerry blue is quite dense and can come in any color between the range of black and dark blue or blue gray.

These dogs can change coat color over time up until about 18 months old at which point the coat color will be defined clearly. This is a very animated dog that is quite attached to and affectionate with family members; however, they do not make good watchdogs. It takes quite a lot of pushing for a Kerry blue to take on an intruder.

This dog can be protective over family members with other animals however, so they should be well socialized from an early age. Commonly used as working dogs, the Kerry blue requires a moderate level of exercise. Overall this is a healthy breed, but the Kerry blue can be susceptible to hip dysplasia and cerebellar abiotrophy.

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One average this dog tends to live between 12 and 15 years. The Komondor is most commonly recognized for its unusual coat that appears to be corded or braided. These dogs, originally bred as Hungarian sheepdogs are a hardy breed and unlike many of the light shedding breeds they are not toy sized.

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The Komondor is considered more of a large non-shedding dog in all aspects and has a felted or corded coat that can reach as long as eleven inches long. Unlike many other dog breeds, the Komondor is always white and will not vary in color; this is a purposeful design to aid the dog in camouflaging itself in a flock of sheep. Surprisingly to many people, the coat of the Komondor puppy is not corded; rather, the cords are something that develop over time.

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Komondors are independent dogs and require a firm owner and early socialization in order to ensure that they grow up as well socialized family dogs. Due to their natural protective instinct it is crucial that these dogs receive socialization and obedience training in order to control their dominant instincts. The Komondor can grow upwards of These massive dogs demand plenty of exercise and are rarely recommended for anything but farm or country living.

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The Komondor has an average life span of ten to twelve years. While many people consider the Labradoodle to be great for families that have trouble with allergies, this dog is not a non-shedding breed and it can in fact cause allergic reactions in some people. Labradoodles are classified depending upon their breeding and how much of the dog is Labrador and how much is Poodle.

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Due to the differences in Labradoodle breeding height and weight can vary from dog to dog as can coloration. The Lakeland terrier is a smaller terrier with a square appearance.

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  4. The coat of the Lakeland terrier is a double coat with a soft close undercoat and a harsh wiry outer coat. This breed comes in a variety of colors including: black, liver, blue, wheaten and red. Saddle markings may also be seen on the Lakeland terrier. This is a lively dog that does well with children but can be an obsessive barker and can be difficult to housebreak. This breed was used to hunt den animals and as such it can be prone to chasing other animals in the home. This chasing behavior should be discouraged when the dog is young in order to prevent it from developing or carrying on in the future.

    The Lakeland terrier does require plenty of exercise in order to avoid hyperactivity or boredom. This is a generally healthy breed that does not have any significant health conditions and lives to between 10 to 12 years. The Manchester terrier is also known as the black and tan terrier.

    This lightly shedding breed can be categorized as a toy or standard breed based upon their size. This smooth haired terrier is a muscular dog that has v-shaped ears that fold over, while some people believe that this dog should have its ears cropped, this practice is illegal in many countries. The short thick coat of the.

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    Manchester terrier is only ever black and tan and has defined markings. This terrier is very intelligent and loyal but it requires plenty of exercise in order to avoid mischief. The toy Manchester terrier can grow to between ten and twelve inches tall and weigh between six to eight pounds twelve pounds in the US and Canada.

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    The standard Manchester terrier can grow to between fifteen and sixteen inches tall and weigh an average of eighteen pounds. The Manchester terrier has an average life expectancy of around fifteen years. The Poodle comes in three varieties, the toy, the miniature and the standard; all three of these varieties are considered to be light shedders. The short curly or corded coat means that this dog sheds much less than other longer coated breeds.

    The Poodle can come in a variety of colors including, white, brown, grey and black.

    The Toy Poodle can grow up to 10 inches tall and weighs in between 6 to 9 pounds.