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Sign up for N. My name is NOT Seratis. I am Queen Meha. The rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt. A scientist. I was never her. Seratis, the evil Goddess of Sleep who puts men under her spell to compel them to do whatever she commands.

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It was all a lie. A myth my half-brother created to make my own people hate me so he could usurp my throne. To escape the war my brother has waged on me, I enter my tomb to be mummified, alive, for a hundred years. With my guard, my apprentice and my maid. Only to wake when my half-brother is long gone and forgotten. But when we wake up, reality as we know it crashes down around us. Instead of rising after a hundred years, it was a thousand. I will fight. Dead or alive. Full with Egyptian mythology, fantasy, wild romance and sizzling scenes, Seratis Daughter of the Sun makes the perfect escapism for fantasy lovers, Egyptian historical myths fans, and spicy paranormal romance readers.

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You love a good romance. When two characters fall in love and overcome adversity: nothing better! Something new and different. Enter reverse harem RH or WhyChoose, a subgenre under the poly romance umbrella in which the female protagonist has multiple suitors and does not choose one, but all! With the genre exploding over the last year, there are tons of books to choose from spanning all genres. Here are five great fantasy books that will draw you into the world of reverse harem romance.

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It must be a mistake, right? But as their relationships develop, they realize Lera is so much more than they initially believed. Four hot fae guys that are fated to be with Lera, each with a distinct personality. River is the serious leader of the group who rejects Lera from the get go.

Coal is the cold, brooding one who maintains his distance. Shade is the broken wolf shifter in mourning after the death of his twin. Tye is the flirtatious, playful one who is totally on board with Lera joining them. They each approach their new relationship with Lera differently, some more willing than others, which affects the dynamic of the group and how the romance unfolds. I found something to love about all the guys, individually and as a group.

Being fantasy romance, the story focuses on the relationships, with a secondary plot revolving around fae politics and the greater consequences of Lera joining their group. They are relatively short, quick reads ending on cliffhangers that are intended to draw you into the next installment.

An easy, fun series to step into the world of reverse harem fantasy. As the newly assembled five come to grips with their destinies, they must learn to trust each other and work together as a team if they have any hope of overthrowing the tyrannical Black Dragon. There are secrets, hints of jealousy, conflicting motivations, and even reluctance — after all, none of them had a choice, including Kira. Each of the guys represents a different element and has a distinct personality: Jasin, the cocky soldier Fire , Auryn, the scholarly prince Air , Slade, the protective blacksmith Earth , and Reven, the cold, mysterious assassin Water.

The promise of sexy times at the end of the books is definitely a plus! These books are definitely hard to put down and are a solid representation of the genre. Why You Should Read It : Do hot and steamy scenes with three dragon shifter brothers sound appealing to you? Dareena starts from nothing and is suddenly thrust into the politics of Dragonfell, pursued by three virile men, and given the impossible task of having to choose just one. Drystan is the aloof, responsible leader, Lucyan is the flirtatious, seductive strategist, and Alistair is the warm, kind-hearted soldier.

So hop aboard for the dragons, stay for the steam! All of the characters are well developed and feel genuine in their interactions and their motivations. King Arthur is a man of honor, caring first and foremost for his kingdom. Galahad is the big, charming Norseman and rock of the group.

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Percival is the youngest and must remain celibate due to his role with the Grail search. Lancelot is cold and standoffish, for he believes any involvement with Fionna on his part will ignite the third curse cast by Morgan la Fay. But what is borne from the betrayal is far more than any of them expected. Humans want to exterminate all Iliri, yet at the same time fear their predatory nature. Sal and the Blades form a strong bond, but that could all be destroyed if the enemy succeeds in their plans.

And they are closing in…. Why You Should Read It: There are not many true epic fantasy reverse harem series out there, and this is, simply put, one of the best. After being freed from slavery, Sal was trained to be a ruthless fighter, which enables her to join the Black Blades. She must reconcile the prejudices she faced in her past with her current acceptance by the men, slowly forming deep, strong relationships with each of them.

They need to be strong, for they work together as a unit and must be able to rely on each other in battle. While the relationships play a major role, the overarching war for steel and the secondary aim of both using and eradicating all Iliri , provides the drivers for the story. Catharine Glen is a romantic fantasy author residing in New England. Her favorite kinds of stories take place in faraway worlds with unforgettable characters, plenty of romance, adventure, magic and the supernatural.

She tends to get immersed in all things Japanese, reading, Lego, and possibly consumes a bit too much coffee and tea. Elite soldier Marian serves and protects the royal family—a responsibility she does not take lightly. But when she thwarts an assassination attempt on the king, she unwittingly becomes a prime suspect. Worse, she is left with a terrible, pulsing wound and vile, intrusive thoughts that are not her own.

Now, the mysterious cult behind the attack has targeted her, and Marian soon learns of their goal to restore a devastating relic: the legendary Rose Crown. Former mercenary Henryk has vowed to prevent the restoration of the Rose Crown at any cost.

When he encounters Marian, he discovers the terrifying truth of her involvement—and the mortal danger they both face. Can Marian battle against the ancient darkness consuming her soul, or will it utterly destroy them both? Sometimes a book draws you in so completely that you only remember you meant to go to bed hours ago after you emerge, blinking, from the very last page. I mean, look at that opening sentence:.

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How can you possibly stop there? Who needs sleep, anyway? I love it fiercely. I own multiple copies and have re-read it countless times. My copy of Uprooted with bonus cameo by my cat Kestrel.

It should be mentioned at this point that our grumpy hero, Sarkan aka The Dragon, is a neat freak, and, yes, the conflict between him and our messy heroine on this front is just as amusing as one could hope for. When we first meet the Dragon, he is cold and callous, removing Agnieszka from her village and imprisoning her in his tower—and Agnieszka fears him.

Magic should be sharply defined, methodical, and work the same way every time! Her emotional journey is one of learning to step up and embrace her new self, whilst not sacrificing her values and her deep connection to her home village. This also probably explains why it appeals to me so strongly, since I like to write about magically sentient places. Its evil lies not just in the monsters that roam beneath its branches, but in how it deliberately taints people it comes into contact with and uses them to manipulate events outside its borders, inciting deaths, wars, and misery.

The central mystery of the novel is why the Wood hates humanity—and what created it in the first place.

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Both Agnieszka and the Dragon have to grow and change in order to have any chance of defeating the Wood, creating magic stronger than the sum of their parts. On an impulse I tried to align our workings: I envisioned his like the water-wheel of a mill, and mine the rushing stream driving it around.

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AJ Lancaster lives in the windy coastal city of Wellington, New Zealand, with two ridiculous cats and many novelty mugs. She writes fantasy of the whimsical rather than grimdark variety. Her Stariel Quartet is romantic gaslamp fantasy, set on a magical sentient estate in a world where the fae are only stories…until now. The Lord of Stariel is dead. Long live the Lord of Stariel. Whoever that is. Everyone knows who the magical estate will choose for its next ruler. Or do they? His favourite nephew, with the strongest magical land-sense?

His scandalous daughter, who ran away from home years ago to study illusion?

Then she can leave.