Gods Own Country

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I was very blinkered. I never really thought about what would happen to the film, who would see it, where it would go. You mentioned some quite big challenges there—animals, weather, locations. What was the biggest? I am very meticulous and detailed and precise and I mine things for truth and authenticity, whether that be a costume or a prop or whatever it is.

It was very much about underpinning that and making sure everybody was trying to work and get inside my head to create the thing. So I was encouraging people to come on that journey.


Did you make any compromises along the way? We made one compromise, which was adding slightly more musical soundtrack than I had envisaged. I identified some places where I felt that it could help, and it was actually a really positive experience, because I think the more bits of score that are in there really help, and enhance, and do something very different.

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Where did you get that note from? That would have been from the BFI.

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How long was the process from start to finish? I wrote it in , and then there were lots of hiatuses. First, I wrote the film.

Why God’s Own Country is the most important LGBTQ film of our generation. - The Gryphon

Then my friend who encouraged me to write it, without telling me, sent it to my friend who was an agent. She read it.

She loved it. What else are you working on? But then I had to wait another year for lambing season. So if you take all of those things out of the equation, it was quite quick. If you put them in, it was a bit long.

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When did you realize you had something special? I knew that what those boys were doing was incredible work because what they both were doing on screen—and what I was seeing—felt incredibly truthful and raw and difficult, but also really satisfying. I knew that what we were shooting was looking great. I knew that I had worked really super hard on the script and it all was there, and I was lucky enough to shoot the entire script and [had only] dropped [one] scene.

I had a brilliant time with the editor Chris Wyatt, and that felt very organic and natural and not problematic. Come on over. This is is an … [Read more This is an excerpt … [Read more This is an … [Read more This … [Read more Get personalized film recommendations Discover your new favourite film. Unsubscribe any time. View on Map.

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God's Own Country review: a Brokeback Mountain for the Yorkshire Moors

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