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The multi-hyphenate has largely kept any extravagance quiet, and while the star tends to wear simple blazers and casual sneakers on her show, her unpretentious wardrobe hasn't necessarily reflected her fortune. You shouldn't live your life in fear of money because you're going to manifest that. DeGeneres' celebrity status and jaw-dropping wealth have come along with serious connections.

And then I had told you I was trying to get a Bentley truck. You were like, 'Well, I got people at Bentley. After, I went to the dealership and purchased it off the plug. Even actor David Spade's mom knows that DeGeneres is the person to go to when you need a Hollywood-worthy hookup. The actor told the talk show host that when his mother was trying to enlist celebrities to help raise money for her dog shelter, she made this suggestion to her son: "Maybe Ellen could ask Lady Gaga to come up. And she wouldn't even have to bring all of those crazy costumes.

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may be a beloved celebrity couple these days, but when the pair got together in , it caused a bit of a scandal due to the fact that neither woman was single around that time. While de Rossi was dating filmmaker Francesca Gregorini who later called their split "pretty harrowing" while talking to The Advocate , DeGeneres was in a serious relationship with actress, director, and photographer Alexandra Hedison via E! However, both decided to call it quits with their partners and reportedly moved in together just two weeks later.

The pair released statements via the publication, with DeGeneres saying, "The one thing I regret about this cover story is that it will be confusing for people to read and not understand what is going on … Who knew that the publication and timing of it would prove to be bittersweet?

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All rights reserved. Why Ellen is nothing like she seems. Alberto E. Has Ellen been boxed in by her TV persona? Does poker bring out her temper?

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Ellen DeGeneres vs. She has some elite connections Alberto E. The scammers then post a real image — Ms. DeGeneres said in the complaint.

Many of the fake ads associated with Ms. Bullock offer free trials. In practice, customers are often charged full price, the complaint said.

Any questions?

The number of complaints has also surged abroad, with Australian regulators reporting that for the first nine months of , complaints rose fivefold and losses soared 3, percent — nearly 40 times more than in the previous year. The problem became more serious in the s, when advertisers began to pay celebrities huge sums to appear in television commercials: Suddenly a lot of money was at stake.

Today, those deals are worth tens of millions of dollars — more than film work, even for most A-list stars. Actresses over 40 whom the public considers trustworthy Oprah Winfrey, Sally Field, Kelly Ripa are the most frequent targets of endorsement theft; anti-aging products are one of the biggest rackets. Male stars like Denzel Washington also fall victim, often as fake pitchmen for erectile dysfunction pills.

Here are 29 others who've done the same. Hide Caption. Lucille Ball — Lucille Ball had already found success as a model and actress by the time "I Love Lucy" arrived in , but the show's creation left a lasting mark on pop culture. Ball and husband Desi Arnaz founded their own production company and then created a sitcom that brought in history-making profits.

What she produced set the scene for comedies like it to come and served as inspiration for other actresses to reap the benefits of their work. Mary Tyler Moore — Mary Tyler Moore did more than make us laugh throughout her career; she broke ground in the s by portraying a single, something working woman. That's all TV comedies were about in the '90s and s, but at the dawn of the '70s, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was an entirely new breed.

If the "Girls" of today are going to raise their drinks to anyone, it should be in celebration of Moore.

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Elaine May and Mike Nichols were renowned for both their social satire and their incredible improv ability, which they often brought right into American homes via programs like "The Jack Paar Show. Moms Mabley — Considering the early trials Jackie "Moms" Mabley had to overcome, her enduring and groundbreaking career in comedy is all the more impressive. After starting off in vaudeville in s New York, she expanded to the silver screen and became the first female comedian to perform at the Apollo Theater.

Before Phyllis Diller put on her fright wig and sack dress, Mabley was making audiences double over with her bawdy sense of humor that included frank talk about race. Mabley's talent wasn't widely recognized until the '60s; she died in Carol Burnett — Can your favorite TV series claim a run of 11 years, with an average of 30 million people tuning in every week? The variety show is considered by Time magazine to be one of the best TV shows ever, although when it aired in , Burnett was just trying to bring together all her gifts -- for comedy, acting and song -- into one entertaining dish.

The result was a TV classic.


Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres Allege Massive ‘Endorsement Theft’ – Variety

The duo put in place some of the most iconic sketches to date, from the Coneheads to Baba Wawa. Post-"SNL," both were poised for screen success, but Radner's career was cut short by her death in Phyllis Diller — Comedic actresses like Zooey Deschanel aren't exaggerating when they say they owe their careers to the great Phyllis Diller.

She got her start in stand-up in the mid-'50s and could be considered one of the funniest members of the women's lib movement, breaking the housewife free from the home and giving her a full voice on stage. Elayne Boosler — When Elayne Boosler arrived on the stage in the '80s, it seemed she'd been sworn in to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

With a crystal-clear voice and a rapid-fire delivery, Boosler was an eviscerating cultural and political commentator who knew how to land a joke.

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Condoms, crime, Republicans -- you could get all of that and more in one sitting. In , she pulled her own funds together to craft "Party of One," making her the first woman to get her own hour-long TV comedy special. In Arthur's absence, her "Golden Girls" co-star Betty White has pushed forward, becoming the rare woman in entertainment who's successfully working well into her 90s.

Rita Rudner — Some comics make the mistake of equating vulgarity with humor, but Rita Rudner is one of the prime examples that clean can also be funny. Born in Miami, Rudner moved to New York as a teen initially to work as a dancer but then moved over to comedy in her mid 20s.

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By , when she produced her second TV comedy special, "Born to Be Mild," there was no denying Rudner had earned her place in comedy's canon -- and she didn't have to curse anyone out to do it. Lily Tomlin — Lily Tomlin's status as a comedic legend hasn't budged a bit.